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Terms & Conditions

Rock Chip Repair Terms & Conditions

Due to the process of using pressure and vacuum cycles to repair laminated glass and the unstable properties of broken glass, the damaged area may develop additional cracks or existing cracks may increase in length. This problem is very rare and occurs less than .1% of all windshield repairs performed. In the unlikely event that this occurs, our liability is limited to a refund of any amount charged for the attempted repair.

Repair Quality

The primary goal in windshield rock chip repair is to stop the rock chip from ever becoming a long crack. Taking this into consideration, the cosmetic results of each repair will vary depending on the type of chip being repaired, the length of time the rock chip has been there before repairing and any debris that may remain after repair, and many other factors. There will almost always be some evidence left from the original damage, but the repair technician will always put forth the effort to make the repair look as best as it can. Our warranty coverage does not include cosmetic dissatisfaction.

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